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Hi, welcome to ScottishHousePortraits.

I am a watercolour artist based in the pleasant village of Ratho
on the west of Edinburgh.

Here are a selection of houses I have been asked to paint for
clients. Have you considered commissioning a painting of your
home or favourite scene? House Portraits make unique and
much-appreciated personalised gifts for special occassions -
weddings, anniversaries, special birthdays, and retirement

It's are a wonderful way to remember the good times - a
treasured heirloom to keep in the family. It could be your
first home, holiday cottage or a special place you love to visit.
My original paintings cost from £150 in total, depending on the
work involved. If you require a painting for a specific date,
please allow a few weeks incase I'm having a busy spell.

Greeting Cards
Some paintings displayed on my Gallery Page >> are available
as Greeting Cards on my other website - >>

Personalised Cards
Greeting cards and stationery can be reproduced from the
original painting - Invitation Cards, Change of Address Cards,
Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards, etc.

Contact Me >>
Please email me to discuss your requirements. I prefer to meet
at the location of the proposed painting; but if that's not possible
I am happy to work from photographs.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Maurice Gunn-Russell

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